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‘Waning Crescent’ print II (limited edition)

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Image of ‘Waning Crescent’ print II (limited edition)

A little light in the dark. Whenever I was sad or had trouble sleeping I’d get up in the middle of the night and peer out into the backyard to marvel at our celestial neighbour. A shimmering shape, ever-present, with an elusive presence inescapable.

As bats performed aerial acrobatics in pursuit of dinner, a bright halo swirled around the moon’s edges. These moments gave me so much solace during challenging times.

A print from the ‘Waning Crescent’ series is now available in size 18x13cm / 5x7”.
The photo is printed on HP Premium Photo Paper with a semi-glossy finish. Only 50 available!

Every print is signed on the back and carefully shipped in a bubble wrap envelope (shipping worldwide!)

For more information, feel free to email me at nonalimmen[at]!