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‘Lukóva’ III print


Image of ‘Lukóva’ III print

A print from the 'Lukóva' series in size 18x13cm / 5x7".
The photo is printed on HP Premium Photo Paper with a semi-glossy finish.

Every print is signed on the back and carefully shipped in a bubble wrap envelope (shipping worldwide).

The fascinating St George church, that has stood since 1352, sat empty for almost four decades after the roof collapsed during a funeral. Convinced the church was cursed, locals in the area feared this place, preferring to carry out sermons and masses outside in the open air.
Now the motionless ghosts of the Sudeten Germans line the pews and aisles of this once dilapitated church as an homage to the fatal congregation back in 1968. This place is a feast for the eyes that emanates a rich history and awakens the imagination. There were brief moments where I was convinced I saw these hooded figures breathing and moving.

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