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‘Chateau Miranda’ print


Image of ‘Chateau Miranda’ print

A tribute to Chateau Miranda. Her turrets sprouted mushrooms, and vines ate up her halls once filled with aristocrats, candelabras, and plushy velvet lounges. Visiting this 19th century mansion made me see and feel things that I couldn’t in the ordinary world. A cult of melancholy collapse, peeling walls and picturesque rot took hold, however, she looked more majestic than ever. Chateau Miranda allowed me a glimpse into her world after time had softened the outlines and obliterated all trace of its former visitors and inhabitants. I was crushed (still am) when I found out this 100-room giant was set ablaze to burn it to the ground. She’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.

A print of Chateau Miranda is now available in size 18x13cm / 5x7" in black and white.

The photo is printed on HP Premium Photo Paper with a semi-glossy finish.

Every print is signed on the back and carefully shipped in a bubble wrap envelope (shipping worldwide!)

For more information, feel free to email me at nonalimmen[at]!