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"Witte Wieven" I


Image of "Witte Wieven" I

According to Dutch folk tales, commonly found in the East and Northern parts of the Netherlands, the "Witte Wieven" (which literally translates "White Women") were regarded as omens of death, always dresses in white. However, there are sagas in which they appear as wise women who were the vestiges of the priestesses and sorceresses from the old Germanic age, cursed by the church for practicing heathen magic. These were the women that had knowledge about natural medicine, political strategies, meteorology and so forth. Knowledge not shared by the common people. Knowledge that gave the "Witte Wieven" immense power because it was intimidating. Power for which they were admired and feared at the same time.

Print from the "Witte Wieven" photo series.
Size: 18x13 cm